The Baird Audit Group
Serving the Southeast Since 1927

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Experienced Audit Staff
75+ Years Combined Experience

Qualifications and Experience

Firm Stability

We have been providing audit, tax, consulting, and bookkeeping services to clients throughout the southeast since 1927. When assurance became a requirement in 1929, we developed a suite of audit specialities, which are now our primary focus.

Performance Improvement

The Baird Audit Group is your expert for developing new, or improving existing, internal controls and operational efficiency. Our team provides personalized services to meet your specific needs, from compliance and regulatory requirements to the improved operations of your business, government, or not-for-profit with value-added services and providing consulting and forensic examinations when needed.


The Baird Audit Group prides itself on staying abreast on how technology can improve the audit process for its clients. The audit profession is exploring, experimenting, and moving forward with efforts to use various cognitive technologies in the audit. These technological advances, such as cognitive and business intelligence, allow our team to perform a more comprehensive audit and provide your organization with deeper, more actionable insights into your financial statements and system controls.


Our audit partners have a combined 75+ years of experience conducting independent government audits, and our staff members each have at least 3 years of audit experience across multiple governmental engagements. We also have an audit specialist well-versed in single audit requirements. The Baird Audit Group has performed audits of, and consulted with, municipalities, counties, school districts, authorities, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, churches, pension plans, manufacturing, commercial and retail clients.


The Baird Audit Group meets the independence requirements of the Government Auditing Standards (1994 Revision) and the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards of the AICPA. As auditors, we are required to give an unbiased and professional opinion of the client’s financial statements to the stakeholders. Therefore, we are always independent of our clients in both fact and appearance.

Peer Review

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants requires that all CPA firms that perform audits undergo a periodic “Peer Review.” The Baird Audit Group continues to successfully complete all the requirements of this program.