Why Baird

The Baird Audit Group team, made up of talented and seasoned CPAs and accountants, possesses the vast industry and functional mastery necessary to provide in-depth knowledge and experience that help your organization tackle specific worries. By evaluating and improving internal control systems and operating efficiencies through the audit process, your organization can be certain you are running efficiently, and quality assurance has been reached. Our goal is to deliver you meaningful insights that help your organization move forward while maximizing your profitability, efficiency, and confidence within your management teams and boards of directors. Timely reporting matters, and our team works with you and your management team to build schedules that meet deadlines helping you and your organization to be audit you can be.  See what we did there?

Full Service

Yes, you read that right–full service.  It’s similar to when gas stations were more than pulling up to the pump, swiping your card, fueling up, and leaving. There were attendants who not only filled your tank, but would change tires, clean windows, even perform some car repairs.  Think of us that way. The Baird Audit Group does not just perform audits, we are committed to offering you a wide range of services related to assurance.
     The Baird Audit Group’s attention is 100% on the specialized attestation services we offer to businesses, governments, and non-profits in Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  We provide comprehensive audit services as well as limited services, such as reviews and compilations.  Whether you need an audit, internal or operational audit, AUPs, forensic or fraud examination, litigation support, or even consulting for internal personnel or procedural manuals, The Baird Audit Group will take care of you and your organization. We are also committed to offering value added services to our clients; therefore, our team is available to you for consultation throughout the year, not just during the audit process.  With a suite of tailored attestation service programs, using a risk-based approach, our services are made to fit the specific needs of your organization.  We also are able to offer outsourced tax services through our partner firms
Lawhorn-Baird CPA Group and Lawhorn CPA Group

Our Experience

With decades of experience,  making The Baird Audit Group your auditor of choice guarantees a level of expertise that goes above and beyond other firms.  Onsite engagement staff includes partners who are CPAs, and each member of our staff is dedicated to meet your company’s audit needs.  Our team all graduated with undergraduate and advance degrees from accredited universities, and we continue to stay knowledgeable with the latest advances in our industry.
     While we value our educational backgrounds, what about our experience really means something for you and your organization?  Our team’s experience is fortified with years of perspective and awareness that one can gain only while working in our industry.  The Baird Audit Group has had the opportunity to provide attestation services to a wide range of industries, including governments, not-for-profits, and businesses.  We have proven we can perform a wide range of attestation tasks within a variety of organizations, we have literally “been there, done that.”